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Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @Iristyle

    Replaced existing ResolveError with a modified variant that includes …

    Iristyle authored
    …a short view, so that exceptions can be represented as one-liners for build output parsing purposes (it special cases Sql Exceptions as well to dig into the real errors)
    Relies on new SelectObjectWithDefault function that can safely read properties off of objects w/out adding to the $Error collection (oddly, I've found this necessary when using WinRM, so I left that code in)
    For instance, a short representation of an Error looks like this:
    Error:  At C:\source\project\build\modules\Sql.psm1:175 char:36 +   [Void]$database.ExecuteNonQuery <<<< ($commands) [<<==>>] Exception: Exception calling "ExecuteNonQuery" with "1" argument(s): "ExecuteNonQuery failed for Database 'a73fa37f891e46bbab9e2b23b8f87c56'. " --> ExecuteNonQuery failed for Database 'a73fa37f891e46bbab9e2b23b8f87c56'.  --> An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. --> Foreign key 'fk_file_cabinet_num' references invalid column 'file_cabinet_num' in referencing table 'file_cabinet_files'.Could not create constraint. See previous errors. --> (Line [4] Proc
    edure [] Class [16]  Number [1769] State [1] )
    This is much more actionable / easier to read than 50 lines of output from an Exception with 4 InnerExceptions
  2. @Iristyle

    Minor tweaks to error output to make it consistent with what a build …

    Iristyle authored
    …server like Jenkins might expect based on similarity to MSBuild output -- this is part one of the modification
    Part two will involve incorporating a friendlier single line error message
  3. @Iristyle

    Internal function names have been changed from Verb-Noun to VerbNoun …

    Iristyle authored
    …(without dash) in an effort to reduce potential for external collisions. Since external modules may be loaded with Verb-Noun naming after these internal functions are brought into scope, common functions like Resolve-Error are prone to get wiped out.. and to further lead to difficult to diagnose build problems.
    See discussion #33
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