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buildFile as taskList dose not work if psake.ps1 is in different dir then the default.ps1 #10

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The problem is this snipped in "psake.ps1":

if (-not(test-path $buildFile))
    $buildFile = (join-path $scriptPath $buildFile)

This makes the buildFile absolute if it is not found. There are more then one solution to that.

  • Make taskList the default. This would be breaking, but its a better default since the most projects will only have one build file but multiple tasks.
  • Make the path only absolute if the absolute path exists. Not looked yet, this could be problematic in later processing.
  • Only make the path absolute if it ends with ps1
  • Get only the filename when buildFile is moved to taskList

I will send a patch, but would be discus the solution here first.


Well it seems nobody took to this and this script snippet now looks like

if ($buildPath -and (-not(test-path $buildFile))) {
    $absoluteBuildFile = (join-path $scriptPath $buildFile)
    if (test-path $absoluteBuildFile) {
        $buildFile = $absoluteBuildFile

so I am guessing, after all these years, it's no longer an issue.

@damianh damianh closed this
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