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describe (or desc) function for describe the next task #12

lanwin opened this Issue · 4 comments

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 task Foobar -depends Foo,Bar,Clear -description "This is my very very cool tesk task" {

Is very long and not very readable. So i would like to suggest to add an describe or desc function which will provide a description for the next created task.

 desc "This is my very very cool tesk task"
 task Foobar -depends Foo,Bar,Clear {

While typing this i get another idea:

 "This is my very very cool test task" |
 task Foobar -depends Foo,Bar,Clear {

Could be work.

Any thoughts? I would work on a patch.


I like the desc best since it is more explicit what the text actually means.


I like the "pipe" solution, nice trick!

At the moment I found that there is solution to that readability problem right now!, using backtick:

task MyTask `
-description "This is my task" `
-depends OtherTask `
-continueOnError {
@whut whut closed this
@whut whut reopened this

You can just write a string as the first line in the action script block. It gets printed to the console all the same. I get that it's not above the function, describing it, but there it is.

Task whatevs {
    "Do whatever, srsly"

@whut You re-opened this 2 years ago, but it looks like it'll never get implemented. Am cleaning up the issues, so I'm going to close this. Please re-open if it's actually going to be done. (My opinion - I don't think it adds much and could live without it)

@damianh damianh closed this
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