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`Exec` is not friendly to valid exit codes not equal to 0 #16

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Just like in MSBuild the Exec task in psake is not friendly to valid exit codes not equal to 0. A practical example: for the popular tool robocopy.exe exit codes 1, 2, 3 are valid exit codes and codes greater than 3 indicate real errors.

MSBuild at least allows ignoring exit codes. That is only half a solution, actually. It also allows analysis of the exit code but the syntax is so convoluted that I never can remember it.

In the case of robocopy it would be nice if we can tell the build to fail if and only if an exit code is greater than 3.


The only reason for exec {} in psake is to turn a non-zero exit code into an exception.

If it is then I agree - the current Exec will do.

But I see other reasons as well. Diagnostics, logging, error messages (nice default one: ($msgs.error_bad_command -f $cmd)), etc, etc. can be done by the Exec and the psake engine uniformly. A caller of Exec should not invent a wheel.

In case of robocopy.exe (non-standard, yes) a user has to invent his own simple but boring solutions like
If ($lasexitcode -gt 3) { ... here comes an invented wheel, with mistakes, perhaps, lousy error messages, etc. ... }

Well, that was just a note to consider. We can live without proposed feature just fine.
Still, why not this easy and handy extra parameter:
$ValidateExitCode = { $lastexitcode -ne 0 }
& $cmd
if (!(& $ValidateExitCode)) {
throw ("Exec: " + $errorMessage) #### at least this piece should not be invented by a user


Of course it should be
$ValidateExitCode = { $lastexitcode -eq 0 }

@nightroman nightroman closed this

@nightroman, I'm with you! I've been automating Windows configuration with PowerShell and psake and just about every native command I've used has non-zero successful exit codes. And these utilities are from Microsoft. A few examples are

  • dism (3010) - Restart required. You aren't going to restart in the middle of a script.
  • nvspbind (11) - No action taken. You don't want to fail because a NIC protocol was already disabled.

Remember, an exit code is not automatically an error code.


In the vast majority of cases, non-zero exit codes mean error. If a non-zero exit code is NOT an error, then you're best writing a custom PowerShell function that takes this into account rather than using exec. The problem here is that the successful (or non-erroneous) non-zero exit code is going to be command dependent. I don't want to pollute exec with a whole lot of knowledge about different commands. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather exec didn't exist at all and PowerShell handled exit codes correctly - turning them into exceptions where appropriate.

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