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MSTest Failure not failing build; exit code 1 #23

toddhgardner opened this Issue · 1 comment

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MSTest forces the exit code of Invoke-PSake to 1 if any test fails, regardless of ContinueOnError.

If I have a script such as:

Task test -ContinueOnError {
    exec { & MSTest /testcontainer:Failing.UnitTests.dll } 

That I invoke with a batch file such as:

powershell.exe -Version 2 -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "& {cls; Import-Module '.\psake\psake.psm1'; invoke-psake .\test.ps1 -framework 4.0 %*; if (($lastexitcode -ne 0) -and ($lastexitcode -ne $null)) {write-host "ERROR: $lastexitcode" -fore RED; exit $lastexitcode} }" 

I get a result:

Build Succeeded!

Build Time Report
Name   Duration
----   --------
test   00:00:02.4978145
Total: 00:00:02.5227254

I have a pull request that solves this issue, will be sending shortly

@whut whut referenced this issue from a commit in whut/psake
whut Fix for issue #23 - psake.cmd should exit with 0 when build succeeded
Also use of -ExecutionPolicy Bypass, which is even less restrictive than -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

GitHub automatically created another issue, #24 when you created pull request, check comment there.

@whut whut closed this
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