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Many psake build tests fail out of the box on 3.0 #28

idavis opened this Issue · 4 comments

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When running psake out of a fresh clone, most of the tests fail.

C:\Dev> git clone git://
Cloning into psake...
remote: Counting objects: 761, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (369/369), done.
remote: Total 761 (delta 435), reused 683 (delta 373)
Receiving objects: 100% (761/761), 667.62 KiB | 583 KiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (435/435), done.
C:\Dev> cd psake
C:\Dev\psake [master]> .\psake-buildTester.ps1
Running psake build tests
bad_PreAndPostActions_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
calling_invoke-task_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
circular_dependency_in_tasks_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
default_task_with_action_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
dotNet4_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
duplicate_tasks_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
explicitly_specified_32bit_build_should_pass.ps1 (Passed)
failing_postcondition_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
missing_task_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
multiline_blocks_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
nested_builds_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
running_aspnet_compiler_under_dotNet35_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
simple_properties_and_tasks_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
specifying_a_non_existant_buildfile_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
tasksetup_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_msbuild_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_parameters_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_postcondition_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_PreAndPostActions_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_precondition_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_properties_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
using_required_when_not_set_should_fail.ps1 (Passed)
using_required_when_set_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)
writing_psake_variables_should_pass.ps1 (Failed)

One or more of the build files failed

Hmm. I am currently did the same and all tests pass. Can you elaborate more and your setup and try to debug this?


I am using PowerShell 3, so that may be the difference. The issue was that "3.0".SubString(3) returns "" for me and the switch block required a $null. I added the pull request which checks for both and fixes the issue (at least for me).


Ah sorry I miss that the merge request was related to that issue.


Merge request applied.

@lanwin lanwin closed this
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