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properties override #46

galaktor opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Not sure how easy this would be to do, but today I discovered something unexpected regarding "-properties".

When I define two paths in my properties block like so:

properties {
    $base_dir      = "some\path"
    $src_dir        = "$base_dir\src"

...and I want to change base_dir via command line override, like so:

Invoke-psake .\script.ps1 -properties @{"base_dir"="a\nother\path"}

...then src_dir will still use the original value of base_dir ("some\path"). When I change base_dir via the command line I would expect that to affect all other properties that use the property.

My guess is that psake literally modifies the properties I pass via the command line, but by then all the other ones have already been initialized with the defaults.

Implementing this might be trickier than it sounds, but I do think it would be extremely useful. At the moment I work around it by re-building variables (mostly paths) before they are used in different tasks. I would love to be able to move them to a more global scope, like the properties.

A (naive?) idea off the top of my head would be:
When initialising the property block from the script (= the default values), always check if there is an override provided for the property at hand on the command line. If there is, use that instead of what it would default to in the script. Following initialisations would then use the command line value rather than the one from the script.

When I get some time I'll see if I can fork and try it myself, but I'm a bit of a powershell rookie.

Otherwise, while I'm at it: thanks for the great tool! Loving it.


Wow, I never realized there was a difference between -parameters and -properties! I thought -parameters was deprecated in favor of -properties or something, since when I tried -parameters I remember it not working for me (for some reason I cannot remember). I will give it another try, hope it will work!


This worked for me. It's still not ideal, because I can only either declare something as a param or a property. But it helped me achieve what I wanted, so cool.

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