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Rafal Klys and others added some commits May 28, 2011
Rafal Klys Write-Documentation now shows column with information which tasks are…
… default.

Also added columns order to format-table, to print them in nice order
@whut whut Fixed: Setting $psake.config.taskNameFormat in psake-conf.ps1 from bu…
…ild script dir wasn't respected

Now psake-config.ps1 from build script dir is loaded first, and then new psake context is created with newest $psake.config.taskNameFormat
@whut whut Framework can now be set from psake-config.ps1 85895d7
@whut whut Moved one comment back to right place and renamed variable includeBlo…
…ck to includeFilename, because it's filename not block
Rafal Klys Added config property coloredOutput 091cc67
Rafal Klys Psake configuration from psake-config.ps1 is now incremental
Now it is possible to set some properties in psake-config.ps1 from psake.psm1 directory, but setting all is not required.
And it is possible to set another in psake.config.ps1 from build script directory.
@whut whut Replaced write-host which can't be redirected with write-output while…
… outputing colored messages

Updated change from 091cc67
Also changed colors used for task notification from darkgreen to blue
And all colors are in uppercase, this way call somwhere inside powershell.exe (exactly in System.Management.Automation.dll!System.Management.Automation.LanguagePrimitives.ConvertStringToEnum) will not throw exception (which is also handled there, so it's not an error)
@whut whut Configuration from psake-config now supports nested Invoke-Psake invo…

Instead of single $psake.config (which could be changed in nested Invoke-Psake invocation, but wasn't cleaned afterwards) there is now $psake.context.Peek().config

Additional changes required to this to work:
 - task name format is only in psake config, not also in $psake.formatTaskName, same with $psake.framework_version
 - default config is now in separate property $psake.config_default
 - added Get-CurrentConfigurationOrDefault to get config from $psake.context.Peek().config if it exists or $psake.config_default otherwise
 - psake-config sets config into variable $config which is from Get-CurrentConfigOrDefault
 - updated spec/writing_psake_variables_should_pass
 - buildFile parameter to Invoke-Psake now doesn't have default value, if it's null build file from psake config is used
@lanwin lanwin Merge branch 'master' into config_and_color
@lanwin lanwin merged commit 86e57b8 into psake:master Aug 4, 2011
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