Ignore the $WhatIfPreference and $ConfirmPreference variables #59

merged 5 commits into from Nov 16, 2013

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I use psake for deployments so its quite nice to be able to use -whatif to see what would happen if you pulled the trigger. Currently psake gets in the way a little too much and the script variables end up not being set correctly so the -whatif misreports.

I've added -WhatIf:$false -Confirm:$false to the relevant Set-Item calls in psake so the build script can execute correctly.

Also fixed: #57 (the error message is only swallowed if psake is not executing a nested build.)


Nice to see someone else had the same thought. I have made these changes to my psake module and it's helping out a lot.

@damianh damianh merged commit 5a6d7d2 into psake:master Nov 16, 2013
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