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A Google Chrome extension to highlight many strings simultaneously in web pages.
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Find Many Strings

"Find Many Strings" is an extension for the Chromium (and Chrome) browser. It tries to highlight the word(s) searched for in a webpage. Searching a new string will not remove the highlights done for the previously searched string(s).

The extension is open-sourced and licensed under the MIT License. So you can use the extensions without feeling paranoid :-)

The icon for this extension is the Tamil word "தேடு" which means "Search". I used the awesome Gimp project to create this icon.

The extension only highlights the search strings and does not allow you to navigate to previous/next matches. It may be easy to add but I have not found an usecase for this. Patches are welcome for this if you find it useful or want to practice Javascript. Also, it may make the UI complex.

External References

All the source code of this extension are written by Sankar P <> and Varunkumar Nagarajan <>, except the two js files mentioned below, which we copied and used.

	a) jquery.js: Generic jquery library.

	b) jquery.highlight-3.js: This is written by Johann Burkard -     I have used this for walking through the DOM tree. Thanks Johann :-)

Getting the sources

The source code is hosted at:

Patches, Issues can be reported in github.

Feel free to use at the file(s) at your own projects. However, I would appreciate if you inform me about it.

Please send any issues, bugs, feedback, complaints, good things, patches about the extension to

Sankar P

Dated: Fri Aug 19 16:44:27 IST 2011
Updated: Sun Aug 28 10:48:17 IST 2011
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