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(ns clj-avro.protocol
[clj-avro.core :as avro]
[ :as json])
[clj-etl-utils.lang-utils :only [raise resource-as-string]]))
(def *protocol-registry* (atom {}))
(defn register-protocol [proto-name protocol]
(swap! *protocol-registry* assoc proto-name protocol))
(defn lookup-protocol [proto-name]
(get @*protocol-registry* proto-name))
(defn register-protocol-from-string [proto-name definition]
(register-protocol proto-name (avro/parse-protocol definition)))
(defn register-protocol-from-file [proto-name f]
(register-protocol proto-name (avro/parse-protocol (slurp f))))
(defn register-protocol-from-resource [proto-name res]
(register-protocol proto-name (avro/parse-protocol (resource-as-string res))))
;; NB: this should be memoized
(defn get-schema
(get-schema (keyword (.getNamespace proto-and-schema))
(.getName proto-and-schema)))
([proto schema]
(if-let [p (lookup-protocol proto)]
(.getType p (name schema)))))
(defn avro-encode! [proto-and-schema thing]
(avro/freeze (get-schema proto-and-schema) thing))
(defn avro-decode! [proto-and-schema s]
(avro/thaw (get-schema proto-and-schema) s))
;; NB: these are for 'avro light', they create and consume just basic
;; JSON, but do not create or validate actual avro encdoed JSON. They
;; can be used in cases where you want to use lightweight JSON object
;; (leaving out optional fields in their entirety), but still wish to
;; have validation performed on the structure and content of the data
;; structures.
(defn json-decode! [type body]
(let [obj (json/read-json body)]
(avro-encode! type obj)
(defn json-decode [type body]
(json/read-json body))
(defn json-encode! [type thing]
(avro-encode! type thing)
(json/json-str thing))
(defn json-encode [type thing]
(json/json-str thing))
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