emacs configuration for clojure. Includes slime, paredit, swank-clojure, ac, ac-slime, rainbow parens etc.
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To install:

1)git clone it
3)fire up emacs 

To get the most of the color themes in this profile, you will need to run emacs in a terminal that supports 256 colors.  If you're on a mac, this probably means iterm and requires that you edit your profile to 'Report Terminal Type' as 'xterm-256color'.  Apple's default version of gnu screen does not support 256 so you will have to build it yourself(http://ryanwilliams.org/2010/Oct/09/gnu-screen-256-colours-mac-os-x) and then set the TERM env variable to 'xterm-256colors' so emacs knows what it is dealing with.