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Repo for our Long Distance (also "long range") WiFi testing. The goal is to test out a WiFi-based communication system for amateur rockets, and possibly CubeSats.

Wiki Links on Wireless Configuration

From our PSAS wiki, mostly from the 2005 launch attempt:

World Record WiFi Attempts

Obviously, Wikipedia has an article on long distance WiFi, but it appears to be incorrect (let's fix that after some more digging).

There's a 2002/2003 Guiness Book of World Records entry for long range WiFi of 310 km by the Swedish Space Corporation, at least according to this press release. Wikipedia claims it was 420 km, but that information seems to be wrong.

Going to GBWR directly, we found that the current world record is 382 km (237 miles), which was set in April 2007 by Ermanno Pietrosemoli between two mountains in the Venezuelan Andes. He apparently got 3 Mbps, which is pretty good for 382 km!