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Field Test Notes

Sun 02 February 2014

Goolge Fusion Table with map of packets.

Test Description

One team set up a station at Rocky Butte and one team flew a Cessna 172 to near Seattle, Washington.

More TBD.


  • RB: Rocky Butte Site
  • OMNI: Omnidirectional Antenna ? dBi
  • BBQ: Grill or Grid Antenna 24 dBi
  • Hat: Stubbed Helical Antenna 13 dBi
  • ASL: Above Sea Level


Northmost coordinates received: 46 39.5008 N 122 25.1627 W, elevation 2925.8 m ASL at -60dB

That is NW of Morton, WA, about 124.06 km from RB at ground level.

Signal strength from all packets received ranged from -70dB to -39dB with average -57.3568dB.

A total of 136435 packets were collected. Of which 126799 contained valid NMEA sentences (92.937%)


Rocky Butte Location

From cellphone GPS

Pointing the ground antenna Looking for the plane before landing at Troutdale

Da plane!

Plane! Pilot! Brief detour over Mt St Helens caldera Placement of antenna on the way back The DxWiFi board in the plane Placement of antenna in front window Placement of antenna board on passenger window Placement of the GPS antenna