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PSAS Launch Tower Computer (LTC)

PSAS has had three generations of launch tower computers:

  • LTC v1 (2005-2012)
    • PC-104+ 486 running Linux 2.4 talking CAN to PIC18F-based boards with relays and analog
    • Lucent "Wavelan" PCMCIA WiFi card
    • 12V SLA battery powered with 30W solar panel
    • Metal IP66 case on independent
  • LTC v2 (2012 - 2014)
    • Beagle board talking USB to Phidget relay and analog boards
    • Alpha WiFi board
    • Ethernet umbilical cord
    • 12V SLA battery powered with 30W solar panel
    • Medium sized plastic IP67 enclosure
  • LTC v3
    • BeagleBone Black using GPIO and analog mounted on a single custom carrier PCB
    • 14.7V LiPo pack with solar charger.
    • Smaller case

This repo contains everything related to the launch tower computer (LTC), with the exception of the userspace software, which is contained in the launch-tower-comm repo.


  • doc

    • Documentation, what there is of it.
  • eagle

    • Schematics and PCB layouts, made with Eagle.
  • laser_cut_drawings

    • Line art of the power and ignition boards' mounting panels, suitable for use with a laser cutter.
  • ltc3

    • Everything related to the design and manufacture of the third generation launch tower computer, LTC3.
  • os

    • Everything needed to bring up a fresh, bootable Debian GNU/Linux system, just the way we like it.