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#Firefox OS Unit Converter App

This is a basic unit converter which converts basic measurements namely Length, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Speed and Time into the units of your choice. jQuery Mobile has been used to generate the UI.


To test/install this app, download the code and run it on a web server, or navigate to FxOS Unit Converter App in Firefox on a device or in the Firefox OS Simulator, where at the bottom of the page you would find an Install Button. Alternatively, install it in the Firefox OS Simulator Dashboard by providing the following URL:

Note: If you use the Add Directory option in the Simulator, make sure to change "launch_path": "/FxOS-unit-converter/index.html" to "launch_path": "index.html" and the icon paths accordingly in the manifest.webapp file since it runs it as a packaged app directly from the root folder of the App.

A good way to get a feel for the app without the hassle of installing the simulator would be to open the above link using the latest Firefox Browser, where you can use the Responsive Design View (Ctrl+Shift+M) and resize the screen appropriately.

For more info, visit my blog