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An autonomous radio station.
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radio.liq is an autonomous radio station. A set of python scripts collects and processes data from the web, such as news, weather forecasts and music. It later stores it as audio-files which will be played by the radio station based on Liquidsoap. It was produced by Pascal Albisser and Alex Kälin at the HTW Chur and currently runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.


There are some dependencies. To start, install..

  • Icecast
  • Liquidsoap

Later on you should sign in to a Google Cloud Account for the text-to-speach functions to run. Alternatively you could install a MaryTTS-Server locally (Instructions).

Make sure the radio.liq-file is executabele and start the radio station with

$ ./radio.liq

Once started you may listen to your station stream at the configured icecast port which is :8000 per default.

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