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Andreas Nick Adding Andreas Nick's sessions Apr 23, 2018
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Ben Gelens Dsc CM tooling session and readd Dsc Pull Server is dead demo files Apr 19, 2018
Bruce Payette Added pdf versions of my deck (#17) Apr 19, 2018
Chrissy LeMaire presentations Apr 19, 2018
Christoph Bergmeister Add PSScriptAnalyzer lunchtime session presentation. (#31) Apr 23, 2018
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David das Neves & Julien Reisdorffer & Raimund Andree & Miriam Wiesner/The PowerShell Security Best Practice Live Demo Awesome integration (#32) Apr 23, 2018
David das Neves & Julien Reisdorffer Awesome integration (#32) Apr 23, 2018
Dongbo Wang PS-Engine-Internals slides(template metadata removed) (#18) Apr 19, 2018
Holger Schwichtenberg All PDF Apr 19, 2018
Irwin Strachan Update ReadMe.md Apr 23, 2018
Jaap Brasser & Rob Sewell/Go with the Flow added presetations and PowerBi (#25) Apr 22, 2018
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Jakub Jareš Add common mistakes in tests resources Apr 20, 2018
Jan Egil Ring & Øyvind Kallstad/Containers! Where is my PowerShell All PDF Apr 19, 2018
Jan Egil Ring/Be the automator - not the automated Adds session Be the automator - not the automated from Jan Egil Ring Apr 20, 2018
Jan-Hendrik Peters Raimund Andree Adding slides (#26) Apr 22, 2018
Jeffrey Snover All PDF Apr 19, 2018
Joey Aiello add Joey Aiello's PS 6.0 & SSH talk Apr 19, 2018
Mateusz Czerniawski Mateusz Czerniawski slides (#30) Apr 23, 2018
Michael Greene slides from mgreenegit (#33) Apr 23, 2018
Miriam Wiesner/SecuringYourInfrastructureWithJEA Miriam Wiesner: PDF and Demo (#27) Apr 22, 2018
Ravikanth Chaganti SHiPS slides Apr 20, 2018
Rob Sewell/Continusous Delivery To The PowerShell Gallery added presetations and PowerBi (#25) Apr 22, 2018
SadProcessor SadProcessor's slides and demo scripts Apr 23, 2018
Staffan Gustafsson Adding ParseCommands Apr 26, 2018
Steve Lee add PSCore6.1 and Beyond presentation Apr 19, 2018
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Thorsten Butz The X factor, A matter of trust Apr 22, 2018
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Session slides and demo scripts from PowerShell Conference EU, 2018

Click the speaker's name to see session materials (demo code, slide) and the title of the session to see the video (after it is posted). If a speaker's name is not clickable, it's because they have not posted their session materials here. Perhaps ask them nicely on Twitter to get in touch with Ravikanth or Amanda to post their stuff ;)

All Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxgrI58XiKnDDByjhRJs5fg

Note to Speakers:

  • Please add a folder with your name, and then make a folder below that for each of your sessions, putting the all of the demos for each session into a .zip file.
  • DO NOT update README.md with your sessions - one of us (Ravikanth or Amanda) will update the table after we accept your pull request.
  • If you'd prefer not to mess with GitHub, give Amanda or Ravikanth a shout, and we'll add your session materials to the repository for you.
Speaker Title Audience
Tobias Weltner Opening Ceremony All
Jeffrey Snover PowerShell 2018 - State of the Art (Keynote) PowerShell
Joey Aiello Managing your heterogeneous environments with PowerShell Core 6.0 and Win32-OpenSSH Security
Mathias Jessen RegEx ^3.0$ - The Outer Edge PowerShell
Jaap Brasser Using Chat Automation (ChatOps) Fun
Jan Egil Ring, Øyvind Kallstad Containers! Where is my PowerShell? DevOps
Dr. H. Schwichtenberg PowerShell Core 6 auf Linux. Und was mach ich jetzt damit auf Linux? Core
Ben Gelens The DSC Pull Server is dead, long live the DSC Pull Server DevOps
Julien Reisdorffer, David das Neves Red vs. Blue - Ready, Steady, Fight! Security
Staffan Gustafsson The Extended Type System PowerShell
Mathias Jessen How to become a PowerShell Type System Ninja! (Part 1) DevOps
Miriam Wiesner Securing your infrastructure with JEA
Jeff Wouters TFS and VSTS through Infrastructure as Code DevOps
Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell How we made Configurable Pester Tests for SQL Server Pester
Walter Legowski Invoke-CypherDog - Bloodhound Dog Whispering with PowerShell Security
Dr. H. Schwichtenberg Was ein PowerShell-Nutzer über .NET wissen MUSS! PowerShell
Mateusz Czerniawski OVF - getting fun from boring tasks Pester
All Zoo Evening Event All
Dongbo Wang PowerShell Engine Internals PowerShell
Bartosz Bielawski Saving Mr Typo: Authoring Tab Expansions with TabExpansionPlusPlus PowerShell
Daniël Both Case of the Unexplained - PowerShell Edition Fun
Aleksandar Nikolic Game of Automation Thrones Azure
Chrissy LeMaire, Friedrich Weinmann Somewhat Advanced dbatools Development Database
Mathias Jessen How to become a PowerShell Type System Ninja! (Part 2 PowerShell
Jan-Hendrik Peters, Raimund Andree Hands-on JEA Security
Stuart Preston Desired State: A close look at the PowerShell and DSC integrations with Chef DevOps
Jakub Jareš Pester internals and concepts Pester
Daniel Bohannon Revoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell Obfuscation Detection (And Evasion) Using Science Security
Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen Automate everything: Bring self-service to LEGO robots Fun
Ravikanth Chaganti Configurations, Personalities, and Stamps - Modular approach to realizing the deployment pipeline DevOps
Michael Greene DSC in Azure Automation: Run configuration and orchestration as a cloud service DevOps
Jared Atkinson PowerShell, Reflection, and the Windows API PowerShell
Irwin Strachan Infrastructure validation using Pester Pester
Wojciech Sciesinski Convert your Windows PowerShell module to be compatible with PowerShell Core 6.x Core
Bartosz Bielawski PowerShell Yin-Yang: The Worst Practices and Tips & Tricks Fun
Mateusz Czerniawski Release Pipeline - the PPoSh Modules Story DevOps
Will Schroeder,Jared Atkinson Workshop: The Power of the Dark Side: Offensive PowerShell Workshop Security
Sergei Vorobev Workshop: PlatyPS: From 0 to 1 and beyond PowerShell
Matthew Hitchcock, Gael Colas, Jan-Hendrik Peters, Raimund Andree Workshop: Bring Existing Infrastructure under Code Control DevOps
Will Schroeder Auditing Domain Trust Relationships Security
Rick Taylor PowerShell for SharePoint Online - How DevOps is making SharePoint Admins feel loved again Sharepoint
Irwin Strachan Dependencies, how to make them evident PowerShell
David das Neves, Julien Reisdorffer, Raimund Andree, Miriam Wiesner The PowerShell Security Best Practice Live Demo! (Part 1) Security
Rob Sewell Continuous Delivery for your Module to the PowerShell Gallery PowerShell
Michael Greene Manage servers using configuration as code Azure
David das Neves, Julien Reisdorffer, Raimund Andree, Miriam Wiesner The PowerShell Security Best Practice Live Demo! (Part 2) Security
Jan Egil Ring Be the automator - not the automated Azure
Aleksandar Nikolic PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell Azure
Bruce Payette A Historical Architectural Tour of PowerShell (Part 1)
Jaap Brasser Navigate around the edge with PowerShell Core
Daniël Both Automate automating your automation, DSC with class-defined metadata DevOps
Bruce Payette A Historical Architectural Tour of PowerShell (Part 2)
Staffan Gustafsson PowerShell Formatting PowerShell
Ben Gelens DSC in Configuration Management tool world DevOps
Steve Lee PowerShell Core 6.1 and beyond Core
Andreas Nick Werde zum XML Ninja mit PowerShell PowerShell
Friedrich Weinmann Parameter Classes: Making parameter-binding user friendly PowerShell
Daniel Bohannon DevSec Defense: How DevOps Practices Can Drive Detection Development For Defenders Security
Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen Azure Automation in production, lessons learned in the field Azure
Jeff Wouters Howto: Not get a burnout PowerShell
Andre Kamman ETL with PowerShell Database
Bartosz Bielawski, Thorsten Butz The X factor Core
Rick Taylor Reverse DSC - Making SharePoint Admins feel loved again DevOps
Ravikanth Chaganti SHiPS: Walk-through a bare-metal system configuration PowerShell
Andreas Nick Automatisierung der Erstellung von Softwarepaketen mit PowerShell Automation
David das Neves PowerShell Security - what to prioritize? Security
Walter Legowski PowerShell Empire Strikes Back Security
Stuart Preston Test-Driven Infrastructure with Test Kitchen, Chef, and DSC Pester
Jan-Hendrik Peters, Raimund Andree Hybrid Lab Automation Azure
Øyvind Kallstad Using other languages from PowerShell PowerShell
Wojciech Sciesinski Use your PowerShell skills to extend Ansible workflows - create your own Ansible module for Windows platform PowerShell
Andre Kamman Use PowerShell as your language of choice inside Azure Functions Azure
Friedrich Weinmann The hitchhiker's guide to user-friendly module design PowerShell
Jeff Wouters How to satisfy your OCD for and with PowerShell? Pester
Jakub Jareš Common mistakes in Pester tests Pester
Sergei Vorobev Python for PowerShellistas PowerShell
Jared Atkinson Working with Binary Data: Writing your own parser PowerShell
Thorsten Butz A matter of trust: Authentication and authorization in the PowerShell Security
Rob Sewell, Jaap Brasser Go with the flow (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYLGP5G6Wjs)
Flemming Rhode Building a powerful release pipeline for PowerShell
Ryan Bartram DSC Security: Delegating access to the beast
Christoph Bergmeister PSScriptAnalyzer
All Microsoft & Speakers Grand Finale All

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