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Amanda Debler/Kubernetes and PowerShell Fixed link Jun 14, 2019
Anthony Allen Add slides + demo code Jun 7, 2019
Bartosz Bielawski/The PowerShell Playbook Fix for key handler Jun 12, 2019
Ben Reader both presentation slides added to repo Jun 12, 2019
ChatOps-and-Bots-with-PowerShell add pptx for my session Jun 5, 2019
Chrissy LeMaire Chrissy LeMaire's session Jun 7, 2019
Christian Imhorst Create Jun 11, 2019
ConferencePoster final version Jun 7, 2019
Daniel & Bartek/The Beauty is the Beast Adding powerpoint Jun 7, 2019
Daniel Silva
Evgenij Smirnov added content and readme Jun 14, 2019
Gael Colas adding gael session Jun 20, 2019
Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen added content and readme Jun 14, 2019
Jan Egil Ring Adds slides and demos from Jan Egil Ring`s sessions Jun 3, 2019
John OConnor/Enhancing Puppet with DSC Johns DSC/Puppet Slides and Code Jun 7, 2019
MarkWarneke Remove questionmark from folder Jun 11, 2019
Mateusz Czerniawski added readme files Jun 7, 2019
Paul Broadwith Initial commit Jun 16, 2019
Ravikanth Chaganti Adding session slides Jun 9, 2019
Stefan Stranger Stefan Stranger's sessions added Jun 7, 2019
Stephane van Gulick Added missing link in Jun 16, 2019
Thorsten Butz/PowerShell Core from an OP's perspective Slides, Demos Thorsten Butz Jun 17, 2019
Visual Studio Code - deep dive into debugging your PowerShell scripts add slides and code for VSCode Debugging talk Jun 6, 2019
opening/challenge added code Jun 2, 2019
.DS_Store Added my sessions Jun 10, 2019 guidelines explained Jun 2, 2019
psconfeu_2019_RemotingInternals Final PSEU.pptx Add PowerShell Remoting Internals slide deck Jun 7, 2019

Ask the session speaker where to find his/her material/demos/code.

Here is a place that we offer to speakers to store their materials. It is just an option.

The session speaker ultimately decides which materials to share, and where to share.

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