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sharing costs of a coffeemaker with an Arduino
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is an Arduino-based RFID payment system for coffeemakers with toptronic logic unit, as Jura Impressa S95 and others without modifying the coffeemaker itself.

Based on Oliver Krohns famous Coffeemaker-Payment-System at

Hardware used: Arduino Uno, 16x2 LCD I2C, pn532/mfrc522 rfid card reader (13.56MHz), HC-05 Bluetooth, male/female jumper wires (optional: ethernet shield, buzzer, button)

The code is provided 'as is', without any guarantuee. Use at your own risk!

The differences compared to the original in short:

  • slightly different directory structure
  • modfied pinout for connecting the hardware (see fritzing)
  • pin 0/1, hw serial stays free for debugging/monitoring
  • introduce service mode to toggle between coffeemaker and bluetooth
  • switched to 13,56MHz RFID readers
  • optional logging to an unix syslog host
  • move payment data to eeprom (no global variables)
  • be more chatty about what is going on
  • add product list for Jura x7/Franke Saphira
  • some small fixes in Android App
  • a bunch of other small fixes and changes
  • add sketch to setup Bluetooth dongle

You can find some more information in German at:

A reference for several included tools can be found here:

We've used the software with two different coffemakers: x95 and x7. The pinout we are using:

Jura 9-pin RS232 interface (e.g. Jura X7)

pin 1 - TX
pin 2 - GND
pin 3 - RX
pin 4 - +5v (never tried this pin) pin 5 - not used
pin 6 - not used
pin 7 - not used
pin 8 - not used
pin 9 - not used

Jura 4-pin interface (e.g. Jura Impressa S95):

(from left to right)
pin 4 - +5V pin 3 - RX
pin 2 - GND
pin 1 - TX

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