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<!doctype html>
<title>Design with data</title>
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h2 {
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.principles ol > li:nth-child(3) {
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<div class="page">
<h2>Design with data</h2>
<img class="icon icon-cowpaths" src="../drawings/cowpaths.svg">
<div class="principles">
<h3>Government Digital Service <strong>Design Principles</strong></h3>
<li>User needs, not government needs</li>
<li>Do less</li>
<li>Design with data</li>
<li>Do the hard work to make it simple</li>
<li>Iterate. Then iterate again.</li>
<li>This is for everyone</li>
<li>The unit of delivery is the team</li>
<li>Build things people can build on</li>
<li>Be consistent not uniform</li>
<li>Make things open, it makes them better</li>