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Some kind of GTA2 world viewer, build with gosu (for 2D stuff, input handling, timing and sound) and pure opengl - thanks to acetoxy for helping with stuff.
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Nothing much yet, just a playground for me to do graphic experiments. At the moment this is capable of drawing the whole city with a stable 60 fps. :)

This project is aprox. 3 years old (somewhere from late 2007), so most of the code is rather ugly. So half of the work I am doing on this is refactoring and cleaning... Yeah.

Features that are working:

  • Most of the slopes
  • Animation with stable frame rate (aprox. equal to gta2, needs finetuning)

Features that are NOT working right now:

  • Lights
  • Partial 3/4 sided slopes

Features I want to implement:

  • Dynamic day/night with shadows and proper lighting

Here, have some screenshots: Screenshot. Screenshot. Screenshot. Screenshot.

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