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Expanded Cross Neighborhood distance based Re-ranking (ECN)
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Expanded Cross Neighborhood distance based Re-ranking (ECN)

In this repository, we provide the reranking and evaluation code used for our paper A Pose-Sensitive Embedding for Person Re-Identification with Expanded Cross Neighborhood Re-Ranking.

This includes our Expanded Cross Neighborhood Re-Ranking Matlab and Python code. The training code for our Pose Sensitive Embedding Model is located in a separate repository.

If you find our work helpful in your research, please cite:

M. Saquib Sarfraz, Arne Schumann, Andreas Eberle, Ranier Stiefelhagen,
"A Pose Sensitive Embedding for Person Re-Identification with Exapanded Cross Neighborhood Re-Ranking", 2017. [accepted at CVPR 2018]

Usage of Expanded Cross Neighborhood Re-ranking

Our matlab implementation of ECN can be found in the file ECN_rerank and Python implementation can be found in The script can be called with default parameters in the following way to calculate the re-ranked distance for a query and a test set.

Matlab usage

ECN_dist= ECN_rerank(queryset, testset);

Python Usage:

python3 --queryset=path-to-your-query-features-csv-file --testset=path-to-your-test-features-csv-file --outputpath=path-to-write-ECN-distance

This will run ECN with the default parameters k=25, t=3, q=8 and method=rankdist. The returned ECN_dist can then be used to calculate the scores.

ECN Parameters

Alternatively, you can also supply different values for these parameters by running it like

ECN_dist= ECN_rerank(queryset, testset, 'k',25, 't',3, 'q',8, 'method','rankdist') (Matlab)

python3 --queryset=path-to-your-query-features-csv-file --testset=path-to-your-test-features-csv-file --outputpath=path-to-write-ECN-distance --method='rankdist' --k=25 --t=3 --q=8  (Python)

Supported values for parameter method are:

  • rankdist (default): Using the rank distance for ECN re-ranking
  • origdist: Using the original euclidian distance for ECN re-ranking

Query and Test Set Format

Our ECN_rerank script expects the query and testsets in the following format:

  • queryset: probe matrix (#_of_probes x feature_dimension); feature vectors in rows
  • testset = gallery matrix (#_of_gallery_images x feature_dimension); feature vectors in rows


You can download our PSE model's features for the Market-1501 and Duke datasets here

You can then run the evaluation by setting the evalPath to your download features folder in the function evalECNRerankingForPath.

If you would like to test our ECN reranking on your own features , you can directly use the evalECNRerankingForFeatures or directly the main ECN_rerank.

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