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Home of live code set files (.tidal), source for the front page of this, and other music things
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Pam's Home for Live Code

What's this?

The files are the source, saved at the end of a recording/jam, of music made with TidalCycles, which is a means of live coding music in the Haskell language using the SuperDirt synth.


  • curiosities: things in progress, other people's files, experimentation, scripts
  • dist: website stuff
  • sets: files from performances (when done live)
  • songs: the song source files!

Updating the site

Run node generate.js which will generate the site from the songs directory, and push the update to S3.

Helpful notes

ffmpeg -i foo.aiff -f mp3 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 320000 -ar 44100 foo.mp3

`aws s3 cp ./foo.mp3 s3://

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