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A Hello, World repository to test Concrete features.


Assuming an Ubuntu environment, this should get you up and running:

  1. Fork this repo to your github account
  2. mkdir ~/devel/
  3. cd ~/devel/
  4. git clone{Your-Github-ID}/asphault.git
  5. cd asphault
  6. chmod 744 t/
  7. git config --add concrete.runner "bash t/"
  8. Setup git hooks
  9. Edit/add and tests under t/ if desired
    1. git commit -am "{Your-Commit-Message}"
    2. git push origin master
  10. Run the ci server, or daemonize it
    • concrete .
    • nohup concrete -p 8080 ~/devel/asphault &
  11. Open a web browser to
    • http://localhost:4567
    • or if your specified a port number with -p, http://localhost:{Port}

Scheduling builds

  1. Run concrete as a daemon
  2. Add a cron entry to build sometime through the night (3AM, replace port number if necessary): 0 3 * * * curl -d "" http://localhost:4567


In addition to concrete and it's requirements (node + npm + mongodb), the sample git hooks require the mail tool - see git-hooks/

For help setting up MongoDB, select the appropriate tutorial for your OS below:

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