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You need:
* a Mac with MacOSX (10.6 or higher)
* a Kinect
* latest Xcode (
* latest LibCinder (
* latest BlockOpenNI (
* latest OpenNI + NITE + SensorKinect drivers package, ZigFu bundle package will do just fine (
You should:
1. boot the mac
2. plugin the kinect
3. install xcode (if you haven't already)
4. download and extract libcinder
5. download and extract blockopenni, place the dir in libcinder/blocks
6. install the openni+nite+sensorkinect drivers (if you haven't already)
7. download and extract anonmirror, place the dir in blockopenni/samples
8. launch the xcode project, figure out broken path dependencies, compile and run
9. press 'f' for fullscreen, 'l' for language toggle