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"Parsley State" by TPOLM, javascript canvas 10k intro for the DemoJS 2012 browser 10k competition

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TPOLM - Parsley State

source code for TPOLM's Parsley State
10k intro for DemoJS 2012

parsley state coat of arms made by kaneel was converted from svg to canvas by using random internet site and some manual cleaning.

to convert AHX file like THX.flava4-s by kaneel into url-encoded string you use Gasman's binhexjs.rb and then include it in the source code

binhexja.rb THX.flava4-s >> AHXdump.js

to compile the javascript with closure compiler you should write this on the console

java -jar compiler.jar --compilation_level ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS --js 02.js --externs closure_webkitaudio.js --externs closure_mozaudio.js --externs closure_ctxhash.js --js_output_file=02_closure.js

to convert it to .png self extractable you should write this on the console

ruby pnginator.rb 02_closure.js tpolm_-_parsley_state.png.html

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