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For the 2011 Open Source Developer Conference in Canberra, Australia, I gave a presentation about Wii Homebrew ( I thought it would be fun to demonstrate the concept first hand by giving the presentation using a piece of Wii Homebrew I wrote for the conference.

You can see some screenshots of the type of presentation to expect at:

Creating Presentations


I started with a few different pieces of syntax and then added a couple more as I required more. This section will list the different ways to markup a pres.

  • New slide: Start line with '*'
  • Don't transition to slide: Follow '*' with '+'
  • New block (transition) on current slide: Start line with '!'
  • Heading text: Start line with '='
  • Subheading text: Start line with '-'
  • Regular text: Just don't start with anything special
  • Left align regular text: Start regular text line with '^'
  • Empty block: Leave the line empty
  • Image: Start line with 'img:' then continue with the path (e.g. 'img:sd:/apps/priijector/pres.assets/...')

Saving Presentation

Currently, the program will only read the file in sd:/apps/priijector/pres.txt. Later on, there may be a menu system which scans for available presentation files and gives the user the option to choose one.

Playing Presentations

When you open priijector on the Wii, the controls are pretty basic (essentially what I needed to give the presentation).

  • A / Right - Next slide, or next block on the current slide
  • B / Left - Previous slide/block
  • Home - Bookmark current location then exit to loader (e.g. Homebrew Channel)
  • A + B - Bookmark current location then restart wii (I used this so I could demo a softmodded Wii)


The usual devkitpro stuff is expected ( and


This is built using SDL. The makefile is a good place to investigate dependencies. Nothing to esoteric there. LIBS := -lSDL_ttf -lfreetype -lz -lSDL_image -lpng -ljpeg -lSDL -lwiiuse -lbte -lfat -logc -lwiikeyboard

Helper Makefile Targets

I found it easier to make use of a few other targets in the makefile. I often found myself needing to get access to the contents of the sd card image for the Dolphin emulator, then unmount it again (make mount, make umount). This will mount it to /mnt/sd.raw and then symlink the priijector folder in it to the current_folder/sd.

Another target is in addition to "make run" which uses wiiload to send it to the Wii, but rather a "make emu" which runs it in the Dolphin emulator.


Simple slideshow presentation software for the Nintendo Wii







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