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Sometimes you just don't want to write mock data by hand.
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Sometimes you just don't want to write mock data by hand. Sometimes you'd rather just be doing your favorite early-90's dance instead of that.

That's what Mockerana is here to help with. It is a data-generation tool with a few goals in mind:

  • Make creating mock data simpler by letting the specifics be done by the tool.
    • Provide a schema-like type to the JsonProcessor, and get the JSON output back.
  • Make mock data that is realistic looking.
    • Believable names, real-ish looking street addresses, etc.
  • Allow for a little control over what data is shown

A quick example

Given this:

let order = Record [
 ("name", String);
 ("total", Money)
 ("location", Location);
 ("steps", Array(
   Record [
     ("amount", Money)
     ("processed", Boolean)

When you do this: order

Get an output that looks like this:

  "name": "3a0a468e-dd72-4869-906c-59f160715d14",
  "total": 0.509364328118676,
  "location": {
    "address": "3738 Country Club Road",
    "city": "Baltimore",
    "state": "MD",
    "zip": "21202"
  "steps": [
      "amount": 0.535685582335892,
      "processed": true
      "amount": 0.773205705812762,
      "processed": true
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