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from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from pathlib import Path
from datetime import date
import sys
import soup_utils
import functools
def _grab_title_(view):
entry_div = view.find('div', class_='article-header')
return ' '.join([string for string in entry_div.stripped_strings])
def initialize_view(entry_markup, template_markup):
temp_view = BeautifulSoup(entry_markup, "lxml")
view = BeautifulSoup(template_markup, "lxml")
contents = temp_view.find('body').contents
for node in contents:
if node != '\n':
return view
def store_view(view, filename):
with open(filename, 'w') as output_fd:
def add_previous_entries(view, prev_entries):
for prev_entry in prev_entries:
with as prev_entry_fd:
prev_soup = BeautifulSoup(, "lxml")
title = _grab_title_(prev_soup)
link = view.new_tag('a',
link.string = title
li = view.new_tag('li')
view.find('ul', class_='previous-entries').append(li)
return view
def change_dates(view, is_new_entry):
published_node = view.new_tag('span')
modified_node = view.new_tag('span')
dates_node = view.new_tag('div')
current_date =
if is_new_entry:
soup_utils.add_class(modified_node, 'hidden')
soup_utils.remove_class(modified_node, 'hidden')
published_node.string = "Published on %s " % current_date.isoformat()
modified_node.string = "Modified on %s " % current_date.isoformat()
soup_utils.add_class(dates_node, 'dates')
view.find('article').insert(1, dates_node)
def update_head_tag(view):
entry_title = _grab_title_(view)
text = "pseudoramble | %s" % entry_title
title_tag = view.new_tag('title')
title_tag.string = text
description_tag = view.new_tag('meta', content=text)
description_tag['name'] = "description"
def initialize_index_view(index_filename):
with open(index_filename) as index_file_fd:
return BeautifulSoup(, "lxml")
def set_latest_blog_entry(index_view, url):
blog_entry_link = index_view.find(id='blog_entry_link')
if blog_entry_link:
blog_entry_link['href'] = url
def _get_previous_entries_(output_dir, cur_filename):
def _by_creation_date_(a, b):
a_date = a.stat().st_ctime
b_date = b.stat().st_ctime
return b_date - a_date
entries = [entry for entry in Path(output_dir).glob('*.html') if cur_filename.find( < 0]
return sorted(entries, key=functools.cmp_to_key(_by_creation_date_))
if len(sys.argv) > 3:
input_filename, output_filename, template_filename, index_filename = (sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2], sys.argv[3], sys.argv[4])
output_file_path = Path(output_filename)
output_dir = output_file_path.parent
prev_entries = _get_previous_entries_(output_dir, output_filename)[:5]
is_new_entry = not output_file_path.exists()
with open(input_filename) as input_fd, open(template_filename) as template_fd:
entry_markup =
template_markup =
## Here we'll assemble all of the junk related to the entry itself
entry_view = initialize_view(entry_markup, template_markup)
add_previous_entries(entry_view, prev_entries)
change_dates(entry_view, is_new_entry)
# Last step is to save what you've done!
store_view(entry_view, output_filename)
## Here we'll put together the index stuff
entry_url = "blog/entry/%s" %
index_view = initialize_index_view(index_filename)
set_latest_blog_entry(index_view, entry_url)
# Last step is to save what you've done!
store_view(index_view, index_filename)
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