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This is the creation of my new site and blog and whatnot. Here I'll host the entries and some of the tooling I use to create and maintain this site.

No, I don't accept pull requests here :)


  • Fix the header to actually link back to the index.
  • [DONE] Add a better description to the index.
    • "Featured Items"
    • Social Media/Contact buttons?
  • Add in some special handling of the /blog route.
    • Would like to have it so that it shows the most recent entry.
    • This would fix the header in the "about" page for example.
    • One potential fix - create an index file that just includes a copy of the newest material.
    • Another potential fix - Update the web server to redirect to newest entry.
  • Add in more "official" resume (PDF or otherwise).
  • Convert blog to use the assets/site.css stylesheet (it currently uses its own copy).
  • Convert whole site to use Sass or something else.
  • Setup Google Analytics.