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Remove duplicate paragraph about blackd headers (#1124)

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richardfearn authored and JelleZijlstra committed Oct 31, 2019
1 parent 3e60f6d commit 9b484d1bcc2e15dcd5544cddab729c76b4d1d2e9
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@@ -838,9 +838,6 @@ which if present, should have the value `1`, otherwise the request is rejected w

The headers controlling how code is formatted are:

If any of these headers are set to invalid values, `blackd` returns a `HTTP 400` error
response, mentioning the name of the problematic header in the message body.

- `X-Line-Length`: corresponds to the `--line-length` command line flag.
- `X-Skip-String-Normalization`: corresponds to the `--skip-string-normalization`
command line flag. If present and its value is not the empty string, no string

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