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F# language binding for MonoDevelop
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F# Language Support for Open Editors

This project contains advanced editing support for F# for a number of open editors. It is made up of the following projects:

See the F# Cross-Platform Development Guide for F# with Sublime Text 2, Vim and other editors not covered here.

Build Status Build Status

The CI script builds FSharp.CompilerBinding.dll and fsautocomplete.exe. Integration and unit tests are run for fsautocomplete.exe alone and the emacs fsharp-mode (including full integration with fsautocomplete.exe). See .travis.yml for details.

Building and Using

See emacs/ or monodevelop/

Shared Components

The core shared component is FSharp.Compiler.Service.dll from the community FSharp.Compiler.Service project. This is used by both fsautocomplete.exe, a command-line utility to sit behind Emacs, Vim and other editing environments components.



This produces FSharp.AutoComplete/bin/Debug/fsautocomplete.exe. To understand how to use this component, see the other projects.

A component called FSharp.CompilerBinding.dll is also present, which is used for common functionality shared by the monodevelop binding and fsautocomplete.

For more information about F# see The F# Software Foundation. Join The F# Open Source Group. We use github for tracking work items and suggestions.

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