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A service to practice Czech grammar
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Check Your Czech - a service to practice Czech grammar

Build Status

See it in action

The service is deployed here:

Three exercises are available now:

  1. Plurals - make plural number for nouns
  2. Accusatives - make accusative case for nouns
  3. Comparatives - make comparative degree for adjectives
  4. Imperatives - make imperative mood for verbs
  5. Participles - make active participle for verbs


The idea of the service is to have a nice app that will help to selectively train some Czech grammar rules.

Selectively is a key word as language services usually check the language knowledge in full. Whereas in reality some people learn new language rule by rule, case by case, aspect by aspect - so that they can not only lamely communicate but actually speak properly.

This service is supposed to give exercises like "practice all the exceptions of the second case plural for the masculine animate gender".


  • For plurals and accusatives, gender can be selected
  • For imperatives, verb class and verb pattern can be selected
  • For comparatives and participles, regularity can be selected
  • Automated deployment via Azure Devops
  • Alerts about requests and exceptions

Tech stack

This app uses the SAFE-stack. Everything is F# driven:

  • Saturn server framework
  • Fable compiler for JS
  • Elmish architecture for front end
  • Paket dependency manager
  • Fake build automation system

For hosting and metrics, Microsoft Azure is used.

Local testing

Thanks for your interest! Developing and testing locally should be possible both for Windows and Unix.

Installation for Windows

  1. Install .NET Core SDK
  2. Install node.js
  3. Install yarn
  4. Install Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB either as a part of SQL Server or Visual Studio
  5. Install and run Azure Storage Emulator

Running the App

  1. Open PowerShell, go to the repo root
  2. Run Scraper: fake build target runscraper
  3. Let it run for a a few minutes to generate some local word database
  4. Stop Scraper
  5. Run web app: fake build target runweb

Plan of development

There are a lot of issues to address, starting from handling rear language quirks and ending with conceptual tasks.

As for features, current exercises will be extended, new exercises will be added. And maybe, at some point in the future, new languages.

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