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Gauges audience emotional reaction in real-time. Won best newcomer hack at Imperial College Hack 2018. 👻
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Code for Imperial College London Hackathon 2018

Tech Used

  • NLP/NLU (RASA NLU as seen in skill-nlp/)

  • OpenCV for getting webcam data

  • React Native for Mobile app

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services - Emotion API for emotion classification

  • Microsoft Custom Vision for applause detection (crowd-only)

  • WebRTC ( for creating the deck + tracker pairing where we can control the presentation

  • We originally used Vue but reformatted to use straight JS + HTML (with fetch api) to reduce latency for HTML pages

  • Bootstrap verson of "google forms" to prove our api is usable

  • Sanic framework with Python for async web servers

  • MongoDB for storage + MongoClient in Node.js

  • Express.JS for js apis

    • some more! If you'd like more information please come by and ask us, we'd be more than happy to go into the specifics of our tech.
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