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This is what is currently planned or being worked on, in order of priority:

  1. Add support for categories (done)
  2. Add support for Text::Template as an alternative templating system (done)
  3. Refactor the code and make some effort to attract developers (done)
  4. Milestone: Developer-friendly Miril
  5. Add support for MultiMarkdown metadata and deprecate Miril::Model::File::XMLTPP
  6. Add form validation
  7. Milestone: Feature-complete for 1.0 release
  8. Bundle a simple http server to run Miril on a local machine
  9. Add a test suite
  10. Package Miril and all of its dependencies as a single cgi script
  11. Launch the miril.org website
  12. Miril 1.0 released to the general public
  13. Milestone: Initial release

This is a wishlist of features that will be nice to have eventually

  1. Template Toolkit and Mason templates
  2. DBI-based model
  3. Other configuration file formats, such as YAML
  4. Pluggable publishing actions
  5. Publishing from the command-line
  6. Custom UI elements