RoboCup 2D Simulation League agent software
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Futility is RoboCup 2D Simulation League agent software written by Bill Parrott, Tom Peterman, Nathan Schwermann and Patrick Shields (collectively "Team F(utility)") for the Fall 2011 Software Engineering I semester project at the University of Kansas. It is no longer in active development.

To see it in action (assuming rcssserver and rcssmonitor are installed):

  1. Set up an Eclipse Java project in the project root.
  2. Add the JUnit 4 library in the Eclipse project preferences.
  3. Run rcssserver and rcssmonitor.
  4. Run ./ compete from the project root!
    1. For a less computationally-intensive example, run ./ scrimmage.
    2. To spin up just one team (e.g. for a competition), run ./ start.