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Basic Examples

Code is available in the examples folder.

Preview Description
Sampler - Simple showcase of most features (View Live w/ Canvas) (View Live w/ SVG)
Paths - Using SVG Paths (View Live w/ Canvas) (View Live w/ SVG)
Bar Chart - Using D3 (View Live)
US Map - Using D3 and Web Workers (View Live w/ Canvas) (View Live w/ SVG)
Generators - Simple example using generators to create shapes and then redrawing them. (View Live) (Code)

Contributed Examples

Preview Description
Balloons - Animation example by @BrianDGLS (View Live) (Code)
Basic Charts - examples by @bumbeishvili (View)
Scratchy eyes - interactive demo (View)
Tumble Wheel - animation example (View)
Rough with Matter.js by Isaac (View Live) (Code)

Other projects using RoughJS

Description Link
wired-elements common ui web components with hand-drawn look wiredjs.com
Semiotic - a data visualization framework for React by Elijah Meeks uses rough.js for sketchy rendering View
A rough plugin for Leaflet View
Snake game by @AriaFallah View
React components for RoughJS View
Livegap - Online charts with sketchy rendering View