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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Problems and projects from the legendary MIT 6.001 Purple Book.

Chapter 1 - Expressions, Naming and Environment, Evaluating Combinations, Compound Procedures, Substitution Model, Applicative Order Evaluation, Normal Order Evaluation, Conditional Expressions and Predicates, Numerical Analysis, Square Roots, Cube Roots, Black-Box Abstractions, Recursion, Iteration, Linear Recursion, Tree Recursion, Orders of Growth, Exponentiation, Greatest Common Divisors, Prime Numbers, Primality Testing, Fermat Test, Probabilistic Methods, Higher-Order Procedures, Procedures as Arguments, Numerical Integration, Lambda Calculus, Local Variables, Fixed-Points of Functions, Procedures as Returned Values.

Chapter 2 - [xx]

Some useful links:

Don't forget to check out the wiki for answers to some of the more mathematically oriented questions.

Finally, A Word From Our Sponsor...

John McCarthy, Inventor of Lisp

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