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Code Splitting

Code splitting with curi routes is done using the preload property.

The process is slightly more complex than just returning an import Promise. This is because we cannot render a Promise. What we actually want is the imported module's default export value (or possibly a named export). In order to do this, you should use some sort of storage system to be able to reference that imported value on demand.

A plain JavaScript object works fine for this, you just need to handle what happens if you (for some reason) try to access a route that hasn't been stored.

You will also need to use the route's call property instead of its value property. The call function should return the stored value.

const store = {};

const routes = [
  // ...,
    name: 'User',
    path: 'user/:id',
    preload: () => {
      return import('./components/User')
        .then(module => {
          store.register('User', module.default);
        .catch(err => {
          // you will need to decide what to do if
          // your import fails
    call: () => {
      return store.get('User');
  // ...