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What is Genome2D?

Genome2D is a multiplatform 2D GPU framework focused on game development. It is build using Haxe programming language which enables it to deploy to multiple targets. Currently Genome2D supports HTML target using WebGL with Canvas fallback and Flash/AIR target using Stage3D which enables you to target almost mobile device out there (iOS, Android) as well as desktop (Windows, OSX) and last but not least browser through Flash plugin.

Genome2D is a node/component based system where nodes are abstract entities defining the scene hierarchy and components which are then added to these entities define their functionality.

Repositories structure

  • Genome2D-Core - THIS REPOSITORY

    Platform independent high level part of the Genome2D framework.

  • Genome2D-ContextCommon - REPOSITORY

    Abstract and common base for all low level Genome2D contexts

  • Genome2D-ContextFlash - REPOSITORY

    Low level Flash platform dependent Genome2D context.

  • Genome2D-ContextHTML5 - REPOSITORY

    Low level HTML platform dependent Genome2D context.

  • Genome2D-Examples - REPOSITORY

    Genome2D examples

Where to start?

The best way to start with Genome2D is at our page