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4ea0923 Sep 23, 2013
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Information, rationale, background, and screenshots are in my blog here:
Before you are able to run the sign software, you need to install Perl
and Ruby 1.9 with its "gem" package manager.
$ sudo apt-get install ruby1.9 gem1.9
$ sudo cpan Device::MiniLED
$ gem install --user-install ./vendor/muni-0.0.6.gem
To execute the program at startup:
$ sudo cp contrib/munisign /etc/init.d
$ nano /etc/init.d/munisign # Edit file to adjust command line
$ sudo update-rc.d munisign defaults
There are two executable files in the package:
- client/client.rb - Muni sign as seen on Muni stops;
- contrib/morning_room.rb - morning dashboard.
Call each program with '--help' to see the complete list of options, e.g.
"./client/client.rb --help". Sample command lines:
./client/client.rb --update-interval 30 --stopId 16995
./contrib/morning_room.rb --update-interval 30 \
--route 30 --direction outbound --stop 'Townsend & 4th' \
--weather-url '' \
--weather-hour 20