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BYOQ (Bring Your Own Qt)
Version: 0.1-20060220
Author: Justin Karneges <>
Date: February 20th, 2006

This is a bundle of Qt 4.1.0 (just the core, network, xml) intended for easy
inclusion within an existing application distribution.

It's basically the Qt distribution (sitting in the 'qt' subdirectory), with
the following changes:
  - some hacks on .pro files and such to ensure only core/network/xml
    are built, and only in debug mode
  - remove the licensing prompt (GPL is assumed)
  - many files not needed were deleted
  - added a 'byoq' script to do the building

To build: (does nothing if Qt is already built)
  ./byoq build

To clean:
  ./byoq clean

To force build:
  ./byoq cleanbuild