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Off-the-Record Messaging Plugin for Psi IM
To compile the plugin you need to have installed the following libraries:
- Qt 5.x (
- libotr (
- TidyLib (
Perform the following steps:
- Get Psi+ and apply the patches to the latest sources of Psi. Therefore you can
use one of the scripts provided by Psi+.
- Make the Psi/Psi+ include files available to the plugin. To achieve this, copy
the psi-otr-X.X/ directory to the src/plugins/generic/ directory of your
patched Psi/Psi+ source tree.
- change to the psi-otr-X.X/ directory and run qmake to generate a Makefile:
$ qmake
- Then run make to compile everything:
$ make
The resulting binary is or otrplugin.dll. This file should be
copied to the plugins subdirectory of the Psi+ resources:
* /usr/lib/psi-plus/plugins/ or /usr/local/lib/psi-plus/plugins/ or
~/.local/share/psi+/plugins on Linux-based and FreeBSD systems
* C:\Program Files\Psi+\plugins\ or %PSI_PLUS_DIRECTORY%\plugins\
on MS Windows systems
Build and installation in Mac OS X is possible as well, but it requires some
If you have successfully installed OTR plugin, do the following steps when you
run Psi+ for the first time:
- Enable the plugin in the 'Options'-->'Plugins' dialog and click on 'Apply'.
- Set the OTR policy in the 'Config' Tab of the plugin options.
In most cases 'Automatically start private messaging' should be a good choice.
- There is no button etc. to generate your private key. It will be generated
when it's needed. I.e. when you start your first private conversation.