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This is the special repository with translations for the Psi+ project:

Translations are managed via Transifex web service:

If you want to begin new translation or update an existing one you should simply
register in Transifex and contact with us using message system of that web site.
And we will give you permission to edit chosen translation in the project.

You are free to choose the way in which you want to update the translation:

For example:
* you may edit translation file via Transifex web interface from everywhere
* you may download translation file, edit it in any editor which you like
  (we recommend Qt Linguist for this) and upload updated file back

Transifex has quite good documentation:

If you want use only web UI you do not need to read anything because web UI is
very simple and you could just begin to work.

But if you want to use more features you may read about API which allow download
and upload translation files using console program curl. Or you may use special
command-line program transifex-client. It has simple syntax similar to git:

This repo was created by Boris Pek <tehnick-8 |at|>.
Please contact me if you have any troubles with this repo.

If you find typos in the program you may report bug here: