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Thirdeye: A reimplementation of the AESOP engine

Thirdeye is an attempt at recreating the AESOP engine for the popular role-playing games Eye of the Beholder 3 and Dungeon Hack. You need to own and install the original games for Thirdeye to work.

Version: 0.86.0
License: GPL (see GPL3.txt for more information)


Windows: TODO

Linux: Run either in place with generic tar balls or install distribution specific packages.




  • First official release of Thirdeye.
  • Thirdeye can play back the intro sequence, with music and display the title menu.
  • Found deleted scene in intro and added it back in.
  • Picked up where Mirek Luza left off with daesop (0.85.0) in 2007.
  • Picked up arc from John Miles circa 1993.
  • Cleaned both daesop and arc to compile against GNU GCC and ported them to Linux.
  • All code is now under GPLv3 license

0.85.0: The version 0.850 improves the AESOP disassembler. The local variables and parameters use now symbolic names. Also whenever the bytecode uses a direct number which could possibly refer an existing resource, the corresponding comment is added into the disassembly (of course in many cases this will be a wrong guess - the number can be used for different purposes - but I still think it will increase the readability of the disassembler). Some minor fixes in the disassembly were made.


The version 0.800 adds the command for patching of the converted EYE.RES from the "Eye of Beholder 3" so that it does not crash when loading/saving (there is a problem that the original code depends on the shape of 16 bit pointers, minor fix is needed to make it work in AESOP/32 - the fix is done in the code resource "menu" in the message handler "show"). This should make the "Eye of Beholder 3" playable in the AESOP/32 (but more testing is needed). I also added a command which makes patching of the EOB 3 and the conversion of bitmaps/fonts to the AESOP/32 in one step (instead of using DAESOP three times). But remember that another command is still needed to replace the resource 3 (see later).


The version 0.750 adds support for converting "EOB 3 like" fonts. This means that that all text is now shown inside the game, further increasing playability. Beware that there are still some problems (e.g. I had crashes when wanting to save game). I must investigate them.


The version 0.700 adds support for converting "EOB 3 like" bitmaps. This means that the "Eye of Beholder 3" is already partially usable in AESOP/32 (not really playable - fonts need to be converted). Also a possibility to create TBL files (for the "Dungeon Hack" engine) was added.


The version 0.660 adds the command line options /r and /rh. This enable to "replace" resources in an existing RES file (so it is possible to change e.g. code/images/music/sound...). The replacement does not remove an old resource physically but rather adds a new resource to the end of the file and changes reference pointing to the old resource so that it points to the new resource.


The version 0.630 adds a usefull command line option /ir. It enables to show more information about resources, their types and for string resources their values.


The version 0.600 adds a lot of new things into the disassembler introduced in DAESOP 0.500. It concerns mainly variables. For most of variables (with exception of local "auto" variables) symbolic names are used. When possible (imported/exported variables), the real names are used. When it is not possible (private static variables, "table" variables), simple symbolic names are made. In future versions of DAESOP this will be done also for local variables. The tables showing import/export resources were reworked and they now show properly all available items. The problem of not disassembling procedures (instructions JSR/RTS) was fixed. Various minor things were fixed/improved.


0.51 minor bug fixes (just making the disassembled code nicer)
0.50 fourth release (including disassembler)
0.40 third release: added more dumps, resolving names in export tables
0.36 internal revision: added info about special/import/export/code resources
0.35 internal revision (major rewriting, starting to show individual resource information)
0.31 fixed syntax help
0.30 second release including resource extraction (061017)
0.25 internal version
0.20 first release (061014)
0.1x initial versions (development)


ThirdEYE is an open source AESOP replacement






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