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@psibi psibi released this 08 Nov 12:36


  • cda8c68 Update README links
  • 4219296 Merge pull request #16 from psibi/prepare-version8
  • f5889f8 Update
  • 522c47a Update README
  • da6a986 Add tests for getall subcommand
  • 2ff4db3 Clippy based fixes
  • f067082 Add some checklist and remove MFA dependency
  • c29a23b More cleanup and putall subcommand implementation
  • c315f14 Merge pull request #15 from psibi/mohoff-minor-changes
  • ea09f68 Fix encryption/decryption
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  • 85c4aa3 Merge branch 'master' into mohoff-minor-changes
  • 3dfbfc5 Add test for crypto module
  • 8724648 omit some cloning. Few minor changes
  • d02a67c replace cloning input with vec init with capacity

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