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// salomeToCalculix

A python script that outputs a Salome mesh to Calculix using unical converter for Bernhardi, Aug 2011

To run:

  • First configure the unical binary in the configuration line inside of
  • You can get the binary code unical compiling the source as indicated in the instructions on unical1_b.c which it is a modified version of unical2 provided by rafal brzegowy

To compile whit gcc:

gcc -o2 -static -o unical unical1_b.c

  • Then select the mesh you wish to export and go to file->load script and run
  • Read unical c code for more information


  • You can configure CGX binary location inside of and launch cgx after the mesh convert


Nodes and Faces:





Old Youtube Video version:


01/05/2016 - Now work in Windows and Salome 7

09/05/2016 - Save in .msh format option

Know Problems

  • No report unical converter shown
  • Not work whit multiple meshes

To Do

  • Add a report unical in the gui
  • Improvements in the code, written as a class
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