Plasma 5 applet in order to show window buttons in your panels
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Window Buttons Applet

This is a Plasma 5 applet that shows window buttons in your panels. This plasmoid is coming from Latte land but it can also support Plasma panels.

slide in/out animation

Breeze decoration

BreezeEnhanced decoration

Settings window


  • Current mode, in order to automatically update button appearance according to plasma current window decoration
  • Choose the decoration theme you would like to use for the buttons
  • Support Minimize/Maximize/Close/OnAllDesktops buttons
  • Support icon-based Aurorae themes such as .svg and .svgz
  • Identify system's available decorations automatically
  • Option to show buttons only when there is an active-maximized window in the current screen
  • Slide out/in animation for showing/hiding buttons
  • Reorder buttons according to user preference
  • Various appearance settings in order to adjust margins. This way you can also change the button size
  • Automatically discover Aurorae theme settings in order to make buttons look identical to window buttons


  • Qt >= 5.9
  • KF5 >= 5.38
  • Plasma >= 5.13
  • KDecoration2 >= 5.13

Qt elements: Gui Qml Quick

KF5 elements: CoreAddons Declarative Plasma PlasmaQuick extra-cmake-modules


You can execute sh in the root directory as long as you have installed the previous mentioned development packages