This is an effort to create a KDE KWin script that integrates the main Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities from Plasma Desktop in just one component.
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-- updated version in 0.4.1


This is the kwin script version derived from the WorkFlow project. The project is trying to enhance every user's unique workflow by combining existing technologies from Plasma.


cd package
plasmapkg --type kwinscript -i .

Important Notice - How to enable the script

You should make a relogin in order for the script to appear in System Settings -> Window Behavior -> KWin Scripts then you check it and apply the changes. You should make a relogin one more time in order for the script to be activated in plasma.

The script uses the global shortcut Meta+Ctrl+Z(which you can change if you want) or you can use the plasmoid WorklFlow KWin Script Launcher to trigger the kwin script


cd package
plasmapkg --type kwinscript -u .    


cd package
plasmapkg --type kwinscript -r .


plasmoid-workflow >= 0.4.0 KDE >= 4.9